9am Lifting
Back Squat
1×5 (70%), 1×5 @80%, 1×5 @ AHAP

Push Jerk
1×5 (70%), 1×5 (80%), 1×5 @ AHAP

Strict Press 5×3 (increasing)

“Jingle Bells”
Teams of 3
5000m Row (One Horse open sleigh)
15 KB Swing (jingle bells) + 10 Alt. DB Snatch (jingle bells)

WOD Instructions Below:

This workout is complete once the team finishes the 5000m row. Partner 1 starts on the Rower, Partner 2 Starts at the couplet and partner 3 starts at rest… once partner 2 finishes the couplet it will be partner 3’s turn to also complete 25 reps of the jingle bells couplet.

Once 50 total reps have been completed either partner 2 or 3 can take over on the rower while partner 1 starts on the couplet with the partner who is not rowing.

The score will be time it takes to complete the 5000m row plus total reps completed of the couplet.