Lifting 9AM

“Macho Man”
EMOM for as Long as Possible
3 Power Cleans (185/135 lb) (ADV: 205/155)
3 Front Squats (185/135 lb)
3 Jerks (185/135 lb)

Adjust load accordingly… No less than 10 Rnds  (20Rnds Is the CAP)

Each minute on the minute (EMOM), starting at the top of the minute, complete one round. Rest the remainder of the minute. Score is total number of rounds completed before becoming unable to complete a round before the start of the next minute.


In remaining time:

4 Rnds
5 BB Good Morning (challenging load)
10 Hanging knee raise
15 Situps (GHD Adv)




“Tandem Hot Tamale”
Teams of Two
6rnds (24 mins)
2Min AMRAP (ea partner does a 2min round)
10 Cal Row or Bike (-or-Ski)
10 KBS
remaining time…
Max Push-ups
Score is total pushups
This one burns 🙂

* partner should be ready on Rower as soon as the next 2min cycle is up.
ADV atheltes do HSPU max reps in the remaining time