9AM Strength (Coach Jim’s Last Day)

Every 90sec until failure
1 snatch + 1 hang sn + 1 ohs
Start @ 50% on bar adding weight as you go. 5-10lbs until athlete can no longer finish the complex unbroken.

Grunt Work:
Every 3 Min 12 Min
100m Farmers carry KB or DB
AHAP (As heavy as possible)

10 AM Community WOD
“The CRASH” (Working as one entire group synchronized)
For Time
1 Mile “Last Man Up” Interval Run… Coach starts in the front of the line!
(Formerly Known as “Indian Run”)
3 Rounds of:
30 Synchro Air SQ (entire class)
20 Synchro MB Slam (dead bounce or rhino ball)
15 Synchro Burpees (Entire Class)
1 Mile “Last Man Up” SLED Push 25lb plate… Coach starts in the front of the line”

*Athletes will linenup single file and the person in the front of the line will start pushing the sled at a jogging pace. The athlete at the end of the line will run to the front and take over on the sled and we will repeat this sequence until 1mile is completed 💪🏽