Olympic Weight Lifting
32 Min Running Clock ⏰
Every 5 Min for 15 Min attempt heaviest Snatch
Rest 2 Min
Every 5 Min for 15 Min attempt heaviest Clean & Jerk

Directions: Athletes can use that entire 5 mins of each block building up to their load for each recorded attempt load. Each “recorded attempt” must be recorded between the 4-5 min mark. So essentially there are 3 counted attempts for each lift. Mins 5, 10 and 15.
Suggest starting @ 50% of 1RM and building from there

Weight lifting session designed to simulate an Olympic lifting competition. You get three attempts at each lift. The First tempt should be a number you know you can hit 10x out of 10x and the next attempts should take some strategic approach excellence!

Scaling athletes treat as 90sec EMOM working on technique, light to moderate loads and quality reps. Fine tuning mechanics

Stretch + Light Row + light jog at recovery pace for 3-5mins