Friday 9-20-2019


Friday 9-20-2019

Gymnastic Strength + Accessory
Giant Set
10-8-6-4 Strict Pullup
10-8-6-4 Strict Deficit HSPU (or Pushup) (9”+)
10-8-6-4 Strict Leg Levers (hanging)

Giant set means we work from one set to the next with minimal rest between. However rest as needed between round.

Accessory Work
Every 2min 10 Min
Rope climb

  • depending on skill level scale accordingly. (adv. legless) (scaled. 3-4x rope walks)

This workout is not scored for time but is for quality. Focus on moving well and good efforts. The movements can be broken up in to smaller sets for the sets of 10 and 8 but try your best to push for unbroken reps on the back end.