CrossFit Coach


CrossFit Coach


How did I start my fitness journey?
I was always involved in team sports growing up. I played baseball and football through high school and a little bit in college. Like a lot of people, I struggled to find a fitness routine I could stick to with all the real world demands from work, family and a social life.

I was introduced to Functional Fitness in 2013 by a friend who had recently relocated and left a CrossFit box. We would follow their programming at the local Golds and I was instantly hooked! I loved the constant variety of the movements and the fact I could do strength training and cardio in under an hour; it was perfect!

I took the plunge and joined a Community Fitness gym and haven’t looked back since! The camaraderie and encouragement you get by working out next to people pushing through the same challenge you’re facing is the special sauce that actually makes fitness FUN!

What inspired me to become a coach?

This training style has improved my life well beyond physical fitness and appearance. It’s given me more energy to spend with my family and I have a sharper mental toughness to get through life’s challenges outside the gym. I have always enjoyed teaching and seeing others grow, so I was naturally drawn to coaching as a way to help my fellow athletes realize all the benefits fitness can bring to their lives.

What is my favorite Benchmark or style of Workout?

I love wall balls and anything with a barbell! Not great at pacing, so I like shorter sprint-type workouts where you can kind of shut off your mind and go. Karen and Grace are some of my favorites!


  • CrossFit Level 1