Wednesday 10-16-2019


Wednesday 10-16-2019

Every 2 Min (6 Rounds or 12Mins)
in 90sec Complete:
25 DU + 10 Air SQ
25 DU + Max Pushups in remaining time (Adv. Deficit Pushup)
(Rest 30 sec)

Score = Total Pushups or HSPU

Scale to 30 singles… this is fast and furious with short work + short rest

All bodyweight and skill movemetns. Athletes should complete the jump rope and air squat portion in or around 50-60 sec and have about 25-35 sec to do the max rep pushups. They will rest 30 sec and repeat with same intensity.

Gymnastics Practice
50-75 Pullups kipping Pullups. Very proficient athletes do chest to bar pullups
No sets bigger than 5 Reps… not looking for fatique but PRACTICE… focus on perfect form.