Hey Crash,

Why the Rhino? (AKA Battle Unicorn 🦏)

We want everyone in our community aiming to be like a rhino – To have a single purpose, to charge at obstacles and goals with total commitment and develop a thick skin to deal with slings and arrows that try to slow us down. 

We want our members / athletes to buy into this new identity so that it may inspire others around them. Think of why a Rhino is critically endangered in the first place? It’s because so many want to possess what they have; those one-of-a-kind HORNS. However, not everyone is willing to work for or go through the process it takes to EARN it. That’s where the ‘EARN YOUR HORN’ mindset plays in and also what sets us apart from other fitness options. It’s more than “a place to work out” for us, it’s a lifestyle, it’s an identity and we want you to EARN IT everyday, inside and outside these four walls.


MOVE WELL: This means we want our members to be focusing on ‘moving well’ with proper mechanics and doing things the correct way. More importantly, efficient movement patterns can improve performance and decrease injury potential.

WORK HARD: This is the key that opens all the locks. It teaches us discipline, dedication and determination. We should work hard for something we believe in, for something we’ve thought and planned for. Especially, if it will lead to happiness, success or our overall well-being. Hard work ALWAYS pays off!

HAVE FUN: This literally means to ‘find amusement’ in what you’re doing. It shouldn’t be a chore, yet it should be something you look forward to and enjoy doing. We want this to be the best hour of your day! 

TO OUR MEMBERS: Be sure to use some of the below hashtags when posting your gym gains on social media and sharing your accomplishments with the world. Let people know what WE and what YOU are all about. EARN YOUR HORN

#jointhecrash #earnyourhorn #movewell #workhard #havefun #wearebattleunicorns #chantillycommunityfitness #ccfitfam